Tailor made business chat solution with source code.

Communication is too crucial to rely on SaaS provider. We are providing 100% customisable chat solution. You can change and evolve your communication platform in order to your business demands.

What we provide

iOS, Android, Frontend and Backend

We provide everything you need, and it's source code. You will have iOS(Objective-C), Android(Java), FrontEnd(Javascript) and Backend(NodeJS).


We can customise code to fit to your business. You can hire us or you can hire your prefer developer. We also have our development partner company who are familiar with Spika For Business.

White Labeling

Anyone who purchases can change the code and design. And sell it as their own, as well as the entire application.


Interface Design

The most beautiful, modern and Innovative UX/UI secured business application is here. Design is focused on user experience because people don’t always remember information presented, but they do remember what they feel. It is very simple to navigate security app, Spika for business, because users should not have to think about what you want them to do.


Easy integration

Spika is very easy to integrate into an existing or a new system because of Webhook API, and the client gains complete access to the source code.

Highlight Features
  • WebHook support
  • Access to backend
  • Flexible user permission


Spika delivers the best protection against any kind of threat. We consider Using HTTPS is not enough, so before sending message from server it is encrypted in AES256 algorithm. As also Spika has strong permission control by admin, so you have 100% control who can read who's message.

Highlight Features
  • AES265 encryption
  • Remote Lock
  • Force Logout by user


  • Secured protecded
  • Easy navigation
  • Create new / mark all sa read
  • In app notification
  • Swipe for more detail
  • Add messages to favorites
  • Making audio file
  • Search messages, rooms and groups



Up to four projects using our basic licence

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We do customisation to fit to your demands.

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