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Chat Features

Private Chat

One on one chat. A must have primary feature for all chats.

Group Chat

Organize your conversations in groups and rooms around same topics.

Text Encryption

All texts are encrypted with AES256 encryption, so data is secure and safe.

Send Files

Directly upload and share any file with the Spika members.

Send Pictures

Show and send pictures to other spika members quickly and attractively.

Use Stickers

Express your feelings and opinions using our original stickers.

Save Favorites

You can tag each message as favorite and access the message directly.

Search Messages

You can search all messages you have access by text content.

Seen Logs

See the list of users who have read each message and also the time when they read it.

Voice Call

Spika has voice call using WebRTC protocol, audio stream is encrypted.

Video Call

Auto adjust video quality to fit network bandwidth using WebRTC protocol.

Manage Conversation

Users can create rooms and add and remove users from them.

Organization admin

Organization admin has complete control over conversations, users, user devices, groups, rooms, and API integrations inside their organization.


Organization Admin Features


The admin can add, remove or suspend users. They can also modify all users’ information, including the password.


The admin can define groups based on departments and organisational structure of the company. Also, users can manage their group.

Webhook & API integration

Use webhook and API integration to make a bot which helps users work better!


Each admin in an organization can upload their own stickers for their organization.

Device Management

If a user loses their device, the admin can lock the device so no one can read the messages.

Import Users

The admin can import users from CSV. That's very useful for big companies.


Super admin

Super admin has control over organizations, they can edit organization’s details and add default stickers to organizations.

Super Admin Features

Organization managment

Super admin can add, remove or disable organizations. The admin can also modify all information of an organization.

Size of organization

Super admin can define how many users, groups, rooms and disk quota each organization can have.

Default stickers

Super admin can upload stickers that all organizations will have by default.

Fast & Scalable

Spika is designed to have no Single Point of Failure. Spika uses NodeJS for the backend with simple integration with WebSocket. To handle massive data Spika uses MongoDB as the main database and Redis for cache. All parts are scalable and can handle a massive number of users.


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